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International students may apply for admission to a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Students may come to Norway as student through established exchange programs, institutional agreements or as a so called "free mover", where students arrange the stay themselves (type of study, length and financing). With a wide range of high quality courses and great flexibility, Norwegian institutions prove to be an ideal study destination. From vocational subjects to postgraduate and doctorate level, there are plenty of opportunities for students to fulfill their ambitions. Students will also benefit from the informal atmosphere at Norwegian universities and university colleges, where teachers are easily approachable and tuition often takes place in small groups. Most institutions also have well equipped computer facilities with free Internet access.

General application requirements
Admission to most study programs in Norway require:
        Provide a high-school graduate certificate
        Recognized international certificate
        Confirming Norwegian language proficiency, or English proficiency if choosing an English-taught program.
        Prove of necessary financial support for the stay in Norway
        Present proof of scholarship, if applicable.
        Get health insurance – usually about 50 EUR per month. Some universities may offer service packages including accommodation, meal vouchers and a health insurance            policy.

There are mainly two intakes in Norway, i.e. Summer intake (beginning April) and Winter intake (beginning October). Basically deadline for application from international students, especially non-EU students are set very early around January. So, students are advised to check through intakes and application deadline for different universities since such deadlines may vary as per universities and also as per the program itself.

Study in NORWAY

Europe's northernmost country, the Kingdom of Norway is famed for its mountains and spectacular fjord coastline, as well as its history as a seafaring power. It also enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world, in large part due to the discovery in the late 1960s of offshore oil and gas deposits. Studying in Norway is similar to study in Germany. Students willing to apply to Norwegian universities are usually public universities where tuition fees are free. So, students only need to care about their living costs while studying in Norway. Norway offers a unique student experience and Norwegian institutions of higher education welcome applications sent by qualified students from all over the world. Internationalization is a priority within all sectors of the Norwegian education system, and universities and university colleges are constantly working to facilitate for international students. Around 15 000 foreign nationals are currently enrolled at Norwegian institutions of higher education. 

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